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Just as Jesus approached Jerusalem determined to die, so there are times where we must choose death so our spouses can live. Your character will grow stronger every time you say no to instant gratification. Marriage is the fireplace where the flames of sexual desire should be fanned into a glorious bonfire; they should never be snuffed out. Be aware of situations going on behind the scenes that add to the battle, such as an inordinate amount of stress, unconfessed sin, or an unresolved relationship perhaps with your spouse.

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Shall I then take away the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? We are to be men with strong hearts; men of courage who can stand firm in the storms and temptations of life.

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Masturbation stunted my emotional growth. I had three choices as to how I could have dealt with this:. Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy.

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Go ahead… have sex with yourself or anyone you want. I could have chosen death: He shrivels up physically, losing most of his teeth and all but a few strands of his hair.

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